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Writer/Director Steve Dispensa appeared last night on The Digital Production Buzz, talking about “Hitting Home”.

You can listen to his interview here:

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Hitting Home World Premiere

On behalf of the cast and crew of Hitting Home, I’d like to thank everyone who came down to our world premiere in New York City on Friday, May 24th. It was an absolutely incredible evening filled with friends, fun, and laughter. I can’t tell you all how happy it made me to see everyone laughing while watching the show.



We’ll be holding several additional screenings in the New York area over the next few weeks, be on the lookout to find out where you can see Hitting Home. Our online release will also be coming very soon!

Hitting Home – Trailer

DDI Productions is very proud to introduce the trailer for the pilot episode of Hitting Home.


About the Show:

Hitting Home has been a dream of writer/director Steve Dispensa since he first came up with the concept of a hit man moving back in with his parents back in 2007. The pilot was finally created as an MFA Thesis for The Brooklyn College Department of Television and Radio.

The script for Hitting Home was written between September of 2011 and May of 2012. Additional rewrites were conducted with the assistance of script consultant Tom O’Beirne in July of 2012.

That same month, DDI Productions took to Indiegogo to create a fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $10,000 to fund Hitting Home in just 14 days. Although the final tally on Indiegogo fell slightly short of that goal, additional outside contributions helped to ensure the project was fully funded.

About the Production:

Hitting Home was filmed entirely on the Canon 60D utilizing Magic Lantern firmware upgrades and FLAAT picture styles. The excellent optical quality of the 60D, combined with both Zeiss CP2 Lenses and regular Canon EF lenses helped the production to create a beautiful look on an extremely limited budget. Writer/director Steve Dispensa and producer Rob Burke worked tirelessly to ensure every dollar raised towards the project wound up on the screen.

The show was lit almost entirely using natural light, practical units, and small LED fixtures. Only 2 scenes feature additional lighting from tungsten units.

With a production schedule that featured multiple fight scenes, shootouts, and even a large Afghanistan battlefield set piece, the ability to move quickly was paramount. By utilizing affordable, compact technology such as the Canon 60D, the filmmakers were able to bring Hitting Home in on time and on budget.

Current Status:

Hitting Home is currently entering its final month of post-production. The show will be premiering at the Brooklyn College MFA Showcase on May 24th. The pilot will be released on the internet in early June, and will screen at select festivals during the summer of 2013.

Hitting Home will also be the focus of a series of “making of” tutorials and articles to be presented here on this site. Topics including: writing, casting, directing, lighting, staging, shot design, camera movement, visual effects, prop firearms, and others will be covered.

For information on Hitting Home, please contact Steve(at)DDIProductions.net.


Introducing Clodagh Power





We’re very fortunate to have the incredibly talented Clodagh Power working with us as our Stunt Coordinator / Performer on Hitting Home!


Clodagh is an Irish multi-disciplinary martial artist with a focus on Ninjutsu, K1, Muay Thai and MMA. In regards to weapons she practiced Kendo and Kyuudo in Kyoto-fu, where she was the first non-Japanese female in the local dojos. She trained with some of Ireland’s most versatile stunt performers and moved to New York where she works as both a stunt coordinator and performer.


Clodagh’s tireless work on the stunt sequences of Hitting Home will help to ensure a dramatic, exciting, and safe filming of key scenes.

Introducing Rob Burke


Here at Hitting Home, we’d like to take a moment to introduce our lead producer, Rob Burke. Rob’s career has spanned a multitude of audio/visual endeavors over the past 15 years. As a creative producer, Rob is responsible for solving almost every little problem that the production team comes across. A skilled cameraman in his own right, Rob’s technical know-how and creative prowess is highly valued by the Hitting Home team. As the “Swiss Army Knife” of producers, we are extremely lucky to have this rare talent dedicating his time to Hitting Home!